ISS Instructor Position Announcement

2021 Online Instructor Recruitment


HUFS' Office of International Admissions and Management (OIAM) plans to conduct its 2021 ISS program online in response to COVID-19. Thus, we are recruiting instructors to facilitate our 2021 ISS Program online.

Application Period

Deadline: Friday, December 18th, 2020

  • Email supporting documents to:

Supporting Documents & Sample Instructional Video


2021 ISS Instructor Application

Renumeration: 3,000,000 KRW


  • This amount is before tax deductions; the fee will be paid after tax-deductions in accordance with relevant laws.

  • In the case of team teaching, the amount will be distributed evenly among co-teachers.

About the Instructional Video

Lecture Topics

Korean Wave, Korea, or Northeast Asia related topics

    • Subjects open for the regular semesters cannot be used.

    • Students are mainly foreign exchange students thus the subjects and instructional methods are set accordingly.

    • Business: 3-4 courses, Media related: 1-2 courses, and Miscellaneous topics: 1-2 courses. Subject to change.

Instructional Method

Online recorded lecture

  • Lecture Time: Around 110 minutes per lecture (Recommended shooting in 30-50 minutes increments)

  • A total of 14 videos (including orientation; however, if midterm or final exams are not conducted, a total of 16 videos must be submitted)

  • Orientation (Day 1): Introduction video within 20 minutes (to be released to all students in advance)

  • Mid-term and final exams with traditional questions, scoring, and feedback can be substituted with other assessment methods..

  • The number of students is limited to 30-40 students per course, but the number of students may increase if there are many applications.

  • Course Duration : Thursday, July 15th 2021 – Friday, August 13th 2021 (16 days with classes being conducted asynchronously Monday to Thursday)

  • Every Friday, group discussions are required, such as Q&A sessions, Topic-based Discussion Forum, etc. (required to use real-time video conference via WebEx)

Course Management System


  • The ISS will be delivered using a Moodle CMS installation that is directly managed and administered by HUFS OIAM: (do NOT include www)

  • We will develop the online courses according to your syllabus, build materials (e.g., syllabus, handouts, links, etc.) using a template (see images below) for visual, structural, and functional consistency across all of the courses. Our goal is to make the online courses simple, intuitive, and easy to use for instructors and students ;-).

  • We will program your assessments (e.g., quizzes, tests, gradebook categories, etc.) in Moodle.

  • For more information about the Course design, click here.

Preview the Course Template


  2. Click on "Log in as a Guest"

  3. Enter the password: 123456

Course Landing Page

Orientation Module

Weekly Course Section

Instructional Video Submission


  • End of December 2020: Submit orientation video (Day 1)

  • January to February 2021 Week 3: Submit lecture videos for Day 2-7

  • February Week 3 to April 2021 Week 4: Submit lecture videos for Day 8-16

  • By May 2021 Week 3 : Submission of mid-term and final exam materials

Self-Produced Video Guide

Submitted using the on-campus Panopto program or other program such as GOMPlayer


  • If you need a microphone, rentals are available (instructors in Korea only)

  • If using a mobile phone to record, be sure to use landscape orientation.