Nomination for Exchange Students

Recommended to be done during February~March

Important Information

  • For exchange students, nomination from their home university should come ahead of application.

Application Period

March 2 - June 7, 2022

Application Deadline for Scholarship

April 30, 2022

Important Information

  • You need to send all supporting documents by end of April.

Last Day for International Student Applications

June 7, 2022

Important Information

  • Exchange Student : Students from Universities that have Agreement with HUFS (needs to get permission from your home university)

  • Visiting Student : International students from all over the world

Last Day for HUFSan Applications

June 7, 2022

Important Information

  • HUFSan: Korean and International Student already enrolled as a regular student (No Early-bird applicable)

End of Payment

June 15, 2022

Important Information

  • If you've not paid by this date, your registration will automatically be cancelled.

  • Refund policy

- 1. Registration Fee would not be refunded in any case

-2. By April 30: 70% Refund, By June 15: 50% Refund, After June 15: No Refund


July 14 - August 12, 2022

Important Information

  • At the moment, we are planning a face-to-face program for the next year. However, please be aware that it could be switched into online fully or canceled by COVID-19 issues. As for the course delivery information, it would be almost confirmed by next March, 2022.