Frequently Asked Questions

How are classes delivered?

Asynchronous Class Delivery

What does this mean?

Monday to Thursday (see images below), you will have activities to do:

  • Listen/watch a lecture;

  • Read articles;

  • Participate in written discussion forums with other students;

  • Work on assignments;

You will do these at your own time/pace. You need to decide what time you do these activities on that day. You will have directions each day for everything that you need to do in Moodle (see images below).

On Fridays, you will have a live Question and Answer Session (QnA) with your instructor to talk about the class, ask questions in real-time, etc.

What do our online classes look like?

Organization and Structure

Course Landing Page

Introduction to the course from the instructors, and class sections organized by weeks for easy access. Each course is designed by an expert in-house instructional designer in collaboration with our ISS Faculty.

Weekly Page Sections

Detailed overview of the week, in addition to step-by-step directions for each day. You'll know exactly what you need to do, where, and when, as well as what to expect throughout the ISS session.

Daily Tasks & Directions

You'll know exactly what you need to do, where, and when, as well as what to expect throughout the ISS session. Each day there objectives and information to keep you on track for the entire course.

Activities and Resources

On-demand Lectures

Students can login to their course and watch their daily lectures, takes notes, and complete assignments when it is convenient for them during the day. Lectures are broken up into several parts with easy navigation between each one.

Ready-to-Go Resources

All the items you need to be able to engage in the course's learning objectives will be provided to you. Each ISS class is "one-stop" for all of your learning resources.

Embedded Resources

Course resources are also usually just one click away with instant previews of videos, PDFs, images, and more. Download them with just one click or instantly return to the class page. You can even open them in a new window - choose whichever way suits your preferred to engaging.

Assignments and Assessments

Discussion Forums

Students will interact asynchronously with their instructors and classmates through discussion forums each week in addition to the weekly live meeting that will be held on Fridays.


Assignments with directions are programmed in our system and ready for students to easily submit their work for assessment by their faculty.

Auto-graded Exams

Some classes may even have exams that are automatically graded with feedback available instantly for students to review.