Sun-kyeong Kim

ISS Coordinator

When I was a college student, I used to travel abroad. I met various people, tried the foods that I never had before, and went to some places that I had never been to. I learned many theories at school but the things that made me broaden my horizon were the memories from the various countries. I hope that the time at HUFS could be a part of your life as a good buddy. I've been preparing for making a program that can give you unforgettable memories. I look forward to meeting you guys this summer!

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Sumin Kim

Division of Integrated Japanese Studies

Underaduate Student at HUFS

Hello, students from all around the world! I am Sumin, 2022 ISS staff. I'm so excited to see you guys and hope we can make good memories together! Welcome you all :)

Jiwon Seo

Division of Language and Trade

Undergraduate Student at HUFS

Hello. I am Jiwon! I am so glad to meet you in 2022 ISS as a staff. Let's make an exciting summer!

Eva Wang

Department of Spanish

Undergarduate Student at HUFS

Hello! I am Eva, an international student who has been living in Korea for 3 years. I really enjoy my university life in Korea and I am sure that you will feel the same way during ISS of 2022! I am very honored to be an ISS staff to have fun both in class and in other activities with you this summer. Let’s make unforgettable memories in Korea!

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Min-gyu Kim

Department of Vietnamese

Undergraduate Student at HUFS

Hi. I'm Min Gyu. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of you this summer. If you want to make memorable moments in Korea, you should definitely come and enjoy our ISS! We are waiting for you more than ever before!


HUFS Mascot

Undergraduate Student at HUFS

Helo, am Boo. NiiCe 2 mEeet u. Hupe yo enJoy ur sumMmer t!me in HUFS with allll our ISS sTafffs.