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강의계획서에 적힌 4학점은 미국대학 기준으로 본교와 관련이 없습니다.

본교생에게 주어지는 학점은 본교 국제여름학기 운영규정에 따라 과목당 "3학점"입니다.

The "4-credit" described on the syllabus is not applied to HUFS students.

According to ISS regulation, the HUFS students will get "3-credit' per course.

자연과학 및 공학

Introduction to Chemistry with Lab

  • Todd A. Wells

Introduction to Physics with Lab

  • Roberto Vega


Introduction to American History

  • Susan Hinely

Introduction to World History

  • Susan Hinely

Modern Architecture I: 1750-1900

  • Susan Hinely

Introduction to Sociology

  • D. Bruce Carter

Introduction to Psychology

  • Sherry D. Molock

Social Psychology

  • Job Chen


Intermediate Microeconomics

  • Islam Rizvanoghlu

Intermediate Macroeconomics

  • Islam Rizvanoghlu

Money, Banking and Financial Markets

  • Islam Rizvanoghlu


  • Victor Y. Lian

Introduction to Business

  • Victor Y. Lian

Principles of Marketing

  • Sanal Mazvancheryl

Calculus 2

  • Vadim Olshevsky


English Literature

  • R. Benedito Ferrão

Public Speaking

  • Joseph Bowling


Introduction to Film and Film Studies

  • R. Benedito Ferrão

Renaissance to Modern Art in West

  • Steven J. Cody

Introduction to Photography

  • Wenjia Li

History of Fashion

  • Troy Hul Arnold


Elementary Korean Language

  • Su-Jung Kim


Elementary Japanese Language

  • Huang-wen Lai


The rest of the courses will be updated once they are confirmed!